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A member firm is a company participating in an on-going data exchange with Certified CV to provide employee/student record data such as position, title, date of hiring, official job description, references, degrees, and certificates. Member Firms can authorize Certified CV to act as their representative for all external employment verification requests.

A member firm is able to save substantial time and reduce costs by submitting employment history data directly to Certified CV. Typically, a company provides multiple times employment information and references to new employers, recruiting agencies and/or other job screeners. Once a resume is certified, this is not necessary anymore, since all the information is available on-demand. By not providing the same information over and over again, considerable time can be saved and productivity maintained.

Member firms also save significant costs in their employment/academic record verification efforts by relying on Certified CV. Certified CV can provide certified employment/academic history records at a fraction of the normal costs and member firms benefit from significantly reduced prices. Member firms can further save costs by participating in a specific revenue sharing program. For more information please contact CertifiedCV.

In some instances, member firms require from potential job applicants or potential students to provide a certified resume with their application, or let applicants know that preferred treatment is given to applicants with a certified resume, particularly if the certified resume has reached GOLD distinction.

Employees of member firms also greatly benefit from their employer participating with Certified CV. Employees will have a complete employment history eliminating the risk of non-verification if done later due to changes in the business environment.

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