Benefits for Individuals

As an Employee/Student you benefit from a certified resume in many ways, e.g.


Your resume (background) is verified only once and not with every job change again. Afterwards, you can make it accessible to whomever you wish to.


You have full privacy. Your new employer and/or the recruiting agency you are working with does not need to contact your previous employers as all needed information is available electronically.


Lifetime, secure, free storage of resume information, references, etc. accessible any time by you or whomever you authorize.


Complete history. Information is certified / collected immediately after a job change, eliminating risk of non-verification due to changes in the business environment.

Two levels of resume certification

Basic Certified Resume (Silver Seal)

You provide us with your employment history and academic background. You select what employment or academic achievement you want us to certify as well as what references, official job description you want us to verify (origin verification). It is your choice what elements of your resume you want to have certified.

Certified Resume with GOLD Distinction (Gold Seal)

A Certified Resume with GOLD Distinction represents the excellence in resume certification. It lets the addressee of the resume know that a minimum of information has been certified and the origin of references as well as official job description verified. To obtain a Certified Resume with GOLD Distinction the following requirements need to be met:


Complete validation of all undergraduate and graduate academic history


One academic reference per undergraduate and graduate degree


Validation of two employments (not including current employment) but at least the last five years


Two job references per verified employments (from supervisor and peer) and an official job description for each

If  you have not been working for more than five years or have not held more than two jobs (e.g. student or you have recently entered the job market), employment verification requirement are reduced or omitted.

Resume Integrity Guaranteed


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