Hiring companies, recruiting agencies and academic institutions rely often on inaccurate and embellished information related to the candidate’s job experience or academic background.

Certified CV provides firms with accurate and verified information from the beginning of an application process to enable entities to make informed decisions and to better match their requirements with the applicant’s verified skill set.

Verified employment and academic background information is most useful when available at the beginning of an application process. Certified CV provides entities, following authorization of the candidate, with real-time access to certified resumes, official job titles, official job descriptions and references of which the origin has been verified.

Benefit for Companies
As an employer you benefit in many ways from the services provided by Certified CV.
check Save time and reduce costs for your HR department by using certified resumes
(see also exclusive benefits for Member Firms)
check Evaluate all candidates with official job descriptions and references from the beginning
check Protect your company from unwanted surprises at the end of an application process
check Expedite the hiring procedures
check View complete job history and academic background
check Increase your company competitiveness by being able to more comprehensively match job requirements with the applicants verified skill set
Benefit for Academic Institutions

Certified CV provides you with essential information needed during an application process in an inexpensive way.  Evaluate all candidates with a certified resume, official job titles, references and official job description.

Furthermore, Certified CV complements the career managment services offered by the institution to its graduating students.

Benefit for Recruiting Firms
Certified CV complements recruiting agencies efforts in several ways:
check Save time and reduce cost by using certified resumes
check Evaluate candidates skill set more comprehensively to better match your clients requirements and expectation
check Provide your clients with accurate information and eliminate the risk of unwanted surprises at the end
Resume Integrity Guaranteed


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